Are You Secure?

Are You Secure is a risk based approach to security. We will help you continuously improve risk awareness. AYS improves relevance and motivates your people to improve their knowledge and skill level. AYS aims to improve employee behaviour permanently.

Risk Awareness a recurring problem?

For many organisations and their employees risks involving data privacy, compliance, integrity and data security are relevant but get only secondary attention. This is because employees need to focus on their primary responsibilities. Therefore, getting enough attention for these risks is a challenge. AYS can help solve this problem permanently.

Three Shields: system, process and people

We found that most attention and resources for risk mitigation is being spent on systems and procedures. The human factor is often overlooked. Awareness training often is provided in a haphazard way. We regularly  found a lack of an encompassing vision and opportunities to connect different risk areas are still overlooked. AYS has developed an approach which spans different risks categories and uses interactive communication, interventions and data to enhance any awareness program.

How does AYS work?

Systems and procedures can be implemented but in the end we depend on the way people act. In this video we explain how to overcome the human factor in the protection of your organisation from information security risks. The method can also be used to mitigate other Risks.

Why Does AYS work?

AYS is continuous, structured, based on current insights, combines objective and subjective measurements, generates insights and management information, is a standard solution that can be customised to your specific needs. our approach works for a dynamic set of target groups and activates the potential ambassador network within your organisation.

AYS in practice

Several organizations, such as ProRail, ROC, Achmea, Gasunie and NS have already discovered AYS and its effects.

“With AYS we bring awareness into our organization and therefore we can focus on subjects which need attention” (Pink Roccade, Lex Jansze CISO)

“With AYS we increase awareness on information security and privacy and we can measure our improvements over multiple years” (Saxion, Hans van der Wal CISO)

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AYS is a combination of the knowledge from cyberspecialists FOX-IT Academy and the game mechanism-, learning- and behaviour specialists from Mindgame.
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